It’s time to descend into a world of deception and intrigue! The Underworld of Secrets is an upcoming booster set release for the Force of Will TCG. Discover long discarded knowledge and ascend to new heights as you uncover lore of old.

Channel the power of the moon once more. Moonchild cards are here once again in Underworld, as introduced in A New World Emerges…! Unlock new powers and activate destructive effects that will help you take control of the board.

This full booster set includes:

  • 61 Normal Cards
  • 5 Basic Mana Stone Cards
  • 16 Rare Cards
  • 5 Rare/J-Ruler Cards
  • 15 Super Rare Cards
  • 1 Super Rare/J-Ruler Card
  • 5 Marvel Rule Cards
  • 12 Ruler Cards (Including 4 Moonchild Ruler Cards)
  • 5 Secret Cards
  • 8 Will Coin Cards
  • 1 Token Card
  • 24 Life Counter Cards

There are a total of 150 cards in this set, with each booster pack including 10 cards. Booster boxes will include 36 packs per box, including one unique promo card per box!

The Underworld of Secrets comes out on November 25th, 2022 and the Ruler Collection Set comes out on December 2nd, 2022!

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