All hail the great Computer! It’s time to run and gun your way into total madness with Paranoia – Perfect Edition! Face off against robots, secret society traitors, and other malicious actors working against The Computer! Just don’t get caught trying to destroy The Computer yourself…

In this game of endless death and betrayal, all you can trust are your cycle of clones and your laser pistol… and even the clones can be suspect sometimes. Work alongside your fellow Troubleshooters as you face off against anyone trying to destroy the super powerful A.I. known as The Computer.

The prime targets of The Computers’ wrath are those with mutant powers or those who are part of any illegal secret society within the Alpha Complex.

The only trouble is: you have a mutant power and you are part of a secret society.

Let’s be clear – this game is not your usual RPG. The Computer (Game Master) will lie and cheat your characters whenever they deem fit. You will be faced with every kind of evil imaginable, and you will die over and over again. So why not make it fun while it lasts? Lean into the wild and whacky world of the Alpha Complex, use every power available to you, and maybe, just maybe, you may find a way to end The Computer’s reign forever…

Probably not though.

Want more than just a simple core rulebook? Then check out the Accomplice Book, filled with alternative rules and lore to fit into any game. Learn about secret societies from past editions, get modified combat rules, new Troubleshooter equipment, and more!

Paranoia – Perfect Edition comes out June 2023! Back your copy here!

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