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Tyson Fraleigh - September 25, 2023

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse!

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse is the newest campaign set coming to D&D 5e. Explore the Sigil, The City of Doors, and encounter multidimensional creatures while solving a mystery revolving around a planar glitch!

This campaign set will be split into three separate books –

  • Sigil and The Outlands gives players a vareity of new character options. Try out two new character background options, seven new feats, and new strange magics to cast on your opponents!
  • Turn of Fortune’s Wheel is a new adventure that will take your players from levels 3 – 10, then jump up to level 17. Players will need to investigate a strange magical anomaly, affecting those who are resurrected within Sigil’s city limits. Explore every corner of Sigil for clues, and then travel to the The Outlands to complete your journey.
  • Morte’s Planar Parade grants Dungeon Masters access to dozens of new creatures that occupy The Outlands. Have the players interact with heavenly angels, devilish fiends, modrons, and intelligent Time Dragons!

This campaign set will also include a double-sided map of Sigil and the Outlands and a exclusive DM screen with a depiction of The Outlands!

But there is much more than just a single adventure within these three books. The collection includes dozens of different adventure hooks, strange encounters, and wild locations for your players to discover. Whether you are running the Turn of Fortune’s Wheel adventure, or running your own homebrew campaign in Planescape, this collection has everything you need to keep your players on their toes.

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse comes out on October 17th, 2023!

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Tyson Fraleigh - September 15, 2023

Ryoko’s Guide to the Yokai Realm!

Ryoko’s Guide to the Yokai Realms is a brand new campaign guide for your next D&D game! Get access to powerful new character builds, face off against dangers yokai spirits, and get unique new items and powers to take on your next big bad!

Players will get their hands on a whole plethora of new character options. Dive into over ten new races and fourteen new subrace options. Become a devilish hanataka-tengu, a nature spirit atatsu, a quick and agile fuyo-ren, or a powerful ape enkoh!

Once your race is chosen, look through the new subclass options to see if there are any that strikes your fancy. With over twelve new options, you will have a whole range of new characters to build, whether it be a quick drawing Ronin Ranger or ghostly Spirit Caller Sorcerer. If you want to try something entirely new, then check out the brand new Bender class! Channel the powers of the elements as you fight, using fire, earth, wind, and water to decimate your enemies.

Once your character is complete, it’s time to jump into the adventure! Face off against fifty new monsters, including massive kaiju and deadly spirits. Work as a team to use the special combo attack mechanics, unleashing powerful attacks simultaneously with your allies. Gather up the Sekiro-inspired magic items to climb and swing your way through combat encounters!

If you have Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting, then you’re in luck! When you defeat a kaiju, you will be able to use biomancing to make some cute monsters to follow after you. You will also be able to craft your own magic items, summoning the powers of the very monsters you fell!

Ryoko’s Guide to the Yokai Realm comes out in February, 2025! Back your copy here!

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Tyson Fraleigh - September 13, 2023


Ecryme is getting translated into English! Enter a world of steampunk, supernatural mystery, and post-apocalyptic intrigue in this classic RPG! Originally only published in French by game designer Mathieu Gaborit, Ecryme is now coming out in a full English release!

The world wades in destruction. The surface of our world is an ocean ecryme, a acidic substance that burns away everything it touches. To adapt to this new danger, industrialization has gone into overdrive, creating cities composed of metal and stone, outside the reaches of the corrosive substance. Massive bridges connect distant cities while airships help the wealthy traverse through dangerous locations. It is a dangerous world, but things are currently at a tense peace.

But it won’t last forever. While spectacles of industry are a plenty, things are beginning to fall apart. Some cities are planning for war, trying to get their hands on as many resources as possible. Other cities are hiding things, including why the ecryme was created in the first place… and even how to destroy it.

Will you be able to discover the truth?

Ecryme runs on a rules lite 2d6 system. Your successes and failures will be determined by how much you roll over or under the target number. The higher the margin of success, the better the result. The higher the margin of failure, the worse the result.

Players build their characters using four key attributes: Traits, Skills, Ideal, and Spleen.

  • Traits are words or attributes that the player associates with their character. Whenever you roll while embodying a Trait, you gain bonuses to the roll.
  • Skills are broken up into fifteen different options under three categories (Physical, Mental, Social). These Skills grant specific bonuses, regardless if it matches with you Trait.
  • Ideal is your character’s overall goal. At a dramatic point in a game when you are fighting to achieve your ideal, you will be able to roll an additional die and take the highest two dice to determine if you succeed.
  • Spleen is the thing that your character hates the most. Whenever facing off against it, you may be asked to roll an additional die and take the lowest two dice to determine if you succeed.

Once you have built your character, your Conductor (Game Master) will lead you on an story filled with intrigue, technological wonder, and harrowing adventure! Learn more about the mysteries of the ecryme, stop war between nations, and perhaps even save the world from total devastation.

Ecryme comes out in June, 2024! Back your copy here!

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Tyson Fraleigh - September 12, 2023


Wilderfeast is a upcoming adventure TTRPG where players become more and more powerful… by becoming what they eat. Explore vast and dark forests, hunt down incredible creatures, and use monster meat to gain bonuses and special mutations!

The One Land is a vast and wild place. Humanity is new to its shores, attempting to build order in an alien place. Monsters both big and small are littered across the terrain, refusing to be tamed. Worse yet, the beasts have become infected with a terrifying eldritch disease, turning once friendly creatures into violent, raging beasts.

To face these terrifying monsters, the wilders were summoned. Part man, part monster, these hunters embraced the eldritch disease into their own being. In doing so, wilders are now able to absorb the power of monsters into themselves… by eating them. A mix of monster hunters, master chefs, and powerful arbourists, wilders have become a people of legend throughout The One Land, diving into danger head on for the sake of humanity.

Each player begins by building their character. Start by putting levels in one of four Styles: Mighty, Precise, Swift, or Tricky. For each point in these Styles, you will get a range of abilities, both when you are in human and monster form. Choose your Skills to get special bonuses, then choose your starting monster Traits that can grant you things like Flying, Venom bites, and more!

There are three main stages to every session: Hunt, Eat, and Feed.

During the Hunt phase… well, you hunt the monsters. Players roll skill checks by adding their Style + Skill modifiers with their dice roll. Human actions use a d8, while Monster rolls are made with a d20. Carefully balance who is in control in different scenarios, or you may find yourself outmatched.

During the Eat phase, players can eat a piece of the monster that they just hunted. Choose a part of the monster to gain a specific Trait, or go for a random piece of meat for a general selection. Just make sure to cook it right or you may find yourself with only food poisoning.

Finally, for the Feed phase, players can start to cultivate the land and help healthy monsters in the area. While you have been hired to hunt and destroy terrifying beasts, you need to keep the place healthy to have future game to hunt. Feed the animals in the area to ensure you can return for a bountiful fight!

But the eldritch disease holds its own curse. Wilders never know peace, suffering from intense hunger and rage. Don’t lose control over your impulses, or you may become the very thing you hunt.

Wilderfeast comes out in September, 2024! Back your copy here!

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Tyson Fraleigh - August 23, 2023

Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk!

Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk is the newest adventure coming to Dungeons & Dragons! Return to the classic adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver and expand it into a full campaign. Meet new characters, gather powerful magic items, and dive into Wave Echo Cave, ready to explore its riches.

Phandalin was once a town filled with magical potential. Arcanists from all over the Sword Coast would travel down to gather powerful magic items from the Forge of Spells, set in the heart of the Wave Echo Cave. But when a group of powerful orcs and wizards attempted to take Phandalin for themselves, there was a cave-in, destroying access to the powerful Forge.

For hundreds of years, explorers would dig through the remains of the mines, looking for magical trinkets to sell in town. Most assume that the cave and its magics are all but lost.

That never stopped the Rockseeker brothers. This trio of dwarves have finally found an entrance to Wave Echo Cave and only need time to get access to the Forge. But someone named the Black Spider has other ideas. With a united force of bandit gangs and goblin factions, the Spider plans to keep the Forge a secret for unknown purposes.

Not only that, but a cult has made its way into town. This malevolent group is trying to take over Phandalin for themselves. Who knows what plans they have for the cave?

Who will take the Forge? That’s up to you to decide.

For those who have already visited Phandelver, you will be able to meet new characters, get new treasures, and discover the truth behind the mysterious cult. Once you have completed the original adventure (which now has options for you to bend and break as you wish), you will be able to dive further into the lost realm of the Underdark, discovering more of this dark cults’ purpose, and putting an end to their evil machinations!

Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk comes out on September 19th, 2023!

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Tyson Fraleigh - August 17, 2023


From the visionary RPG designer Grant Howitt, EAT THE REICH is a upcoming historical horror-comedy RPG where players will become vampire commandos fighting their way through nazi occupied Paris. Kill hordes of nazis, flashback to important moments between your party, and drain Hitler of every ounce of blood that he has.

In this hyperviolent antifascist game, players will take on the role of one of the six pre-generated vampires: Iryna, the socialite warlock; Nicole, the ex-French Resistance explosive expert; Chuck, the rotting cowboy; Cosgrove, the undead mafia necromancer; Astrid, the court of spirits warrior; and Flint, the half-man-half-bat monstrosity.

Once you have chosen your character, you and your party will be thrown into the year of 1940, as nazis hold claim over Paris. The fuhrer has arrived into town, and it’s time to put him down for good. Players will be air dropped into the city, fighting your way through a sea of fascists. You will roll a collection pool of d6s, ignoring any roll of 3 or under. Anything 4 or higher will be used to make attack rolls, make ability checks, or replenish yourself on human blood.

No matter how many nazis you kill, you need to remember your prime objective. Search the city for Hitler, and finally put an end to the war at any cost.

It is worth noting that this game is about fighting nazis in our real world and drinking Adolf Hitler’s blood. This could be uncomfortable for players and GMs alike, especially if handled poorly. Howitt has commented on this fact, that I feel deserves to be put here:

EAT THE REICH is not a tasteful game. It is garish, and disgusting, and violent. It glorifies bloodshed. The players massacre their way through dozens if not hundreds of nazis en route to drink all of Hitler’s blood and then shove his lifeless corpse off a dirigible. It is also a comedy game, in as much as the central premise is ridiculous and we then provide the players with a variety of opportunities to kill fascists in novel and entertaining ways.

To this end: we are working with a number of professional sensitivity readers to ensure that what we’re putting out is tasteless in the right sort of way, and that it doesn’t punch down at anyone. (I actually don’t think you can get lower than a nazi, but they seem to have a high opinion of themselves, so it counts as punching up in my book.) We have several sensitivity readers lined up with diverse backgrounds and expertise to ensure that we strike the right balance throughout the book. And this is a situation where the more perspectives we have, the better, so if you are a sensitivity reader with relevant expertise, please get in touch.

If you would like to see their full statement, check out it out here.

This will definitely not be a RPG for everyone. But if you are looking for a blood-soaked time, there will be nothing better than this.

EAT THE REICH comes out in December, 2023! Back your copy here!

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Tyson Fraleigh - August 16, 2023


Dolmenwood is an upcoming fantasy RPG that will throw you into a world of fairytales and English folklore! Fight off strange fairies and frightening spirits as you make your way through haunted castles, foraging strange plants, and come face to face with the powerful Nag-Lord!

Dolmenwood will be coming out three separate books: The Player’s Book, The Campaign Book, and The Monster Book. With The Player’s Book, players will be able to dive into the game with access to six playable kindreds (ancestries) and nine playable classes. The different kindreds you may face out in the world include the cat-like fairies known as the Grimalkin, mushroom covered Mosslings, ancient Elves from the times of old, and more! Character classes will include the Cleric, the Enchanter, the Fighter, the Friar, the Hunter, the Knight, the Magician, the Ministrel, and the Thief.

With The Campaign Book and Monster Book in hand, Game Masters will have everything they need to create the campaign of their dreams. Get to know the lay of the land, introduce your players to the royal factions, and introduce terrifying new monsters! Introduce the incredible new magic items, and lead your players on a journey of weird and wild whimsy.

Dolmenwood comes out on September, 2024! Back your copy here!

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Tyson Fraleigh - August 14, 2023

Bigby Presents: Glory of Giants!

Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants is the next upcoming D&D 5e sourcebook! Dive into the history and powers of the giants, one of D&D’s most powerful class of monsters. Get access to special magic items, character options, and much more!

The great archmage Bigby the Great has once again returned with more lore and magic to instruct his adventurous readers. Within the pages of his book, you will find in-depth deconstruction of giant society, ranging from social hierarchy to religion. With the help of the lair maps and the huge bestiary, this book has everything you need to know about running an adventure in a giant world (this will be especially handy for anyone running Storm King’s Thunder)!

But Dungeon Masters aren’t the only ones getting goodies out of this sourcebook. Players will gain access to a new Barbarian subclass, two new backgrounds, and eight new feats to inspire your next giant character. Pair that with the dozens of adventure ideas and new magic items and artifacts to chase after, the adventure never stops with Bigby at the wheel!

Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants comes out on August 15th, 2023!

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