Flesh & Blood

Everfest Cover Art Comments
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - November 25, 2021


The Everfest Carnival is coming to town! This upcoming booster set release for Flesh & Blood will have new powers to explore and new adventures to be had! The Everfest set will introduce brand new cards to strengthen all... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - August 20, 2021

Flesh & Blood: Tales of Aria!

The land of Rathe grows once again, adventurer. We have seen kingdoms rise and fall, but we have never seen a land with magic infused into nature itself. Welcome to Aria. Will you become a legend in the Tales of... Read More
Crucible of War Comments
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - July 13, 2021

Crucible of War: The Newest Set for Flesh & Blood!

It is time to enter the forge of warfare, adventurer! The Crucible of War is kind to no one, but fear not – you have powerful allies on your side. Make sure you use them… or you may find... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - June 23, 2021

Welcome to Flesh & Blood

So, you’ve decided to enter Rathe, huh? Not a very welcome place, but in the world of Flesh & Blood, nothing is really welcoming. Around here, it is all about fighting to survive. You think you can handle it?... Read More