The War of the Suns is the next booster set release for Force of Will, the 3rd booster set of this Hero Cluster! Tap into new astrological powers as this set introduces a new Ruler type, Sunchild Rulers!

Where there is power in the moon, there is also power in the sun. Customize or build your favourite decks around the brand new Ruler type, Sunchild Rulers! Built to oppose the Moonchild type, this new form will channel powers so far unseen to decimate your opponents!

This booster set includes:

  • 50 Normal Cards
  • 22 Rare Cards
  • 4 Rare J-Ruler Cards
  • 14 Super Rare Cards
  • 1 Super Rare J-Ruler Card
  • 4 Marvel Rare Cards
  • 1 Marvel Rare J-Ruler Card
  • 6 Secret Rare Cards
  • 10 Ruler Cards
    • Including 5 Sunchild Rulers
  • 5 Will Coin Cards
  • 5 Token Cards
  • 15 Life Counter Cards

Each card pack will contain 10 cards, and each booster box will contain 36 packs and a special PR card. Make sure to also check out if your local game store is hosting The War of The Suns Pre-Release on February 17th! Get a chance to win exclusive prizes!

The War of the Suns comes out on February 24th, 2023!

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