It’s time to take a step into the all knowing cyber-divine. Nirvana on Fire is a adventure for the sci-fi-horror Mothership RPG! Explore a Neo-Buddhist space colony filled with intrigue, AI, and twisted plots of power.

Siddhartha’s Peace is a Neo-Buddhist colony in need. They are located on a distant moon that is beginning to lose power, leaving the colony to waste away. The power station nearby needs fixing, and you and your team are the ones who are volunteered to go. In payment, you and your compatriots will be granted a hefty sum of scrap to do with as you wish.

When you arrive, everything seems fine. However, the abbot leading the colony did not mention that a powerful AI has taken control of the colony, believing itself to be the reincarnation of a god. As dire conditions begin to set in at Siddhartha’s Peace, the AI will place the safety of the colony above all things… including your lives.

Discover the secrets of Siddhartha’s Peace in this 32 page adventure, learning about the various factions within, a civil war, and the mysterious Straylight LLC. Utilize the randomized tables for all your loot, mutations, and heretical prophecies, then get to the game!

Nirvana on Fire comes out in July, 2023! Back your copy here!

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