Announcing Magic Origins for Summer 2016

Wizard of the Coast announced at the Fate Reforged Pro tour, the latest Summer 2015 set: Magic Origins. It will be instead of the usual Magic 2016 core set . This set seems revolve around the back stories of the Planeswalkers we know and love. We got Planeswalker cards of old characters in Commander 2014, now we will get Legendary creatures of  Planeswalker in Magic Origins. Are you guys as excited as I am?

We will get more info at PAX East, so tune in fellow Looters for more updates!

Magic origins logos


Magic ProTour Fate Reforged announcement

Magic Duels: Origins

Awesome trailer for the latest Duels of the Planeswalkers called Magic Duels: Origins. It will have some essences of the Magic Origins set coming out this summer, but just like other Duels of the Planeswalkers games, it will contain other great cards from passed sets. This makes a great gift for gamer friends you want to introduce to MTG.

Magic Origins Release notes

Release info 2Release info



Planeswalker Home Plane First-Planeswalk Plane
Gideon Not yet announced Not yet announced
Jace Not yet announced Not yet announced
Liliana Not yet announced Not yet announced
Chandra Not yet announced Not yet announced
Nissa Zendikar Not yet announced


Card Gallery

akroanjaileravariciousdragonboggartbruteconclavenaturalistsdeadbridgeshamanenthrallingvictoreyeblightassassingraspofthehieromancerheavyinfantryhitchclawreclusehydrolashinfernalscarringjhessianthiefjoragainvocationlightningjavelinmalakircullblademantleofwebsrabidbloodsuckerreavesoulringwardenowlseismicelementalsentineloftheeternalwatchseparatistvoidmageshamblingghoulsubterraneanscoutvalorinakrosveteranssidearmvolcanicramblerliliana heretical healerLiliana, defiant necromancer

Magic Origins Artwork

Liliana artwork

Liliana before and after in Magic Origins. Looks like we’re going to have some more cosplay options for Lili!