Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - November 26, 2021

Upcoming Releases: December!

With the holiday season in near full swing, it’s time to look at the releases coming out this December! It is a small list this month, so make sure to check it out before you get all your holiday... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - September 24, 2021

Upcoming Releases: October!

Here at The Bag of Loot, we take pride in being able to bring you up to date news about everything board games and TCGs. To help make sure you find what you’re looking for, we will be releasing... Read More
Avatar Gregoire Thibault - June 3, 2016

Upcoming Events at Three Kings Loot

Optimum Jank- Upcoming Events at Three Kings Loot     Come One, Come All If you’re in the Montreal area this summer, Three Kings Loot (3KL) will be hosting a variety of Magic events for the casual and competitive... Read More