Welcome back to The Bag of Loot! While Magic fans anxiously await March of the Machines in April, March has lots of other TCG wonders hot off the presses! Check out all the upcoming goodies from One Piece, Pokemon, and and more!

Trading Card Games

  • Cardfight!! VanguardDragontree Invasion (March 31st, 2023)
  • Dragon Ball SuperPower Absorbed (March 17th, 2023)
  • Flesh & Blood –
    • Outsiders (March 24th, 2023)
    • Outsiders Blitz Decks (March 24th, 2023)
  • One Piece –
    • Absolute Justice (March 10th, 2023)
    • Paramount War (March 10th, 2023)
  • PokemonScarlet & Violet (March 31st, 2023)
  • Yu-Gi-OhMaze of Memories (March 10th, 2023)

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