Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - May 9, 2022

Power of the Elements!

Harness the Power of the Elements and take to the field! In this brand new upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh booster set release, channel the arcane power of the four elements to decimate your opponents! Elemental HEROs are back! Elemental HERO Neos... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - March 11, 2022

Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1!

Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 is the newest release for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG! Expand your collection of classic cards in this reprint collection of Hidden Arsenal over the past decade! Many powerful archetypes are getting some strong representation in this... Read More
Tactical Masters cover art Comments
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - February 17, 2022

Tactical Masters!

Tactical Masters is the next upcoming set for Yu-Gi-Oh! Change the tide of battle with your wits and this powerful new set of cards that will change the Pendulum game forever! This set is all about three things –... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - January 20, 2022

Legendary Duelists: Duels From the Deep!

Legendary Duelists is returning in a big way in 2022! Legendary Duelists: Duels From the Deep will channel the power of the sea into your next deck. Duels From the Deep will be introducing three new Water type deck... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - December 28, 2021

Yu-Gi-Oh: Dimension Force!

Get ready to warp the meta with Yu-Gi-Oh’s spring set release, Dimension Force! Bend the laws of reality with brand new archetypes and some pesky old favourites making their return! The Pendulum gang is back at it! This set... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - November 19, 2021

Battle of Chaos!

It’s time to get your Magicians at the ready! Battle of Chaos is the first set of 2022 for Yu-Gi-Oh! Power up your Dark Magician with brand new support or explore new archetypes to command the field! Yugi Muto’s... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - November 17, 2021

The Grand Creators!

The Grand Creators is an upcoming set for Yu-Gi-Oh!, and it is going to be a game changer. This booster release will introduce three new archetypes, and officially welcome the 2020 winner of the Create-A-Card Project for Inzektor decks!... Read More
Brothers of Legend Comments
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - November 11, 2021

Brothers of Legend!

It is time to travel back in time, adventurer! Brothers of Legend is the next upcoming booster set for Yu-Gi-Oh!, bringing in powerful cards from the animated series, reprinting old favourites, and building some mighty new additions. Collect cards... Read More
Burst of Destiny Comments
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - September 8, 2021

Burst of Destiny!

Get ready for some intense power levels in Burst of Destiny, adventurer! This upcoming set of Yu-Gi-Oh will see some of the most powerful monsters arrive to the TCG in some time. Burst of Destiny will see two brand... Read More
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - August 19, 2021

Legendary Duelists: Synchro Storm!

It’s time to chase the wind, adventurer! Legendary Duelists: Synchro Storm is coming soon, offering all the wind monsters your heart could desire! Check out this set’s support for Speedroids, which Yugo used throughout Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V. These robots are... Read More
Avatar Adam Honigman - July 20, 2021

Build It Your Way: Yu-Gi-Oh Burn

Yu-Gi-Oh is a card game with a multitude of ways to play. You can throw your favourite cards into a deck and watch where luck and fate leads you, or you can carefully curate cards to build yourself a... Read More
Dawn of Majesty Comments
Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - July 16, 2021

Dawn of Majesty: Yu-Gi-Oh Set Release!

Dawn of Majesty is coming soon! In this brand new Yu-Gi-Oh set, we see the return of Stardust Dragon with a brand new deck system to power it up! Play the brand new Tuner cards that will help prepare... Read More