Tactical Masters is the next upcoming set for Yu-Gi-Oh! Change the tide of battle with your wits and this powerful new set of cards that will change the Pendulum game forever!

This set is all about three things – board control, traps, and glory. This 60 card set introduces three brand new themes to the game, all of which meant to give your opponents a hard time. The first theme is a Pendulum system that will allow you to change your spell cards into Monsters and turn your opponents Monsters into Spell cards! Constantly keep your opponent on their toes by changing their card positions and wiping their spells from the field.

The second theme is all about traps. Whether it is a punji pits, rolling boulders, or just divine intervention, your opponent will not see it coming. The third theme is all about finding glory in the adventure! Step into the unknown and become more powerful as you further your tale!

This set will also include some familiar faces to help offer support to the new deck themes. Whether you are player or collector, make sure to not neglect the fifteen additional Collector Rare cards!

Tactical Masters booster pack art

Tactical Masters comes out on June 9th, 2022!

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