Age of Overlord is the newest booster set release coming to Yu-Gi-Oh! Get new support cards for Supreme King Z-ARC and Visas Starfrost decks, then build a new Horus theme deck to get your graveyard booming!

Supreme King Z-ARC has been making waves. Since its introduction in Maximum Crisis, this Pendulum Dragon has been making big moves. Now upgrade your deck with an even stronger Supreme King Z-ARC form – Supreme Celestial King Odd Eyes Arc-Ray Dragon! Gather up the other ‘Supreme King’ cards from the set to quickly power up your finisher monster and obliterate your opponent!

But ‘Supreme King’ decks are not the only ones getting a boost. Visas Starfrost decks are travelling through space and time to get new allies, including some new monsters. Get access some new deck pieces, such as a new ‘Mannadium’ Synchro creature that will allow you to connect Visas and your ‘Mannadium’ monsters into some powerful combos!

Looking for some graveyard shenanigans? Then look no further than the new Horus theme. Send your creatures to the graveyard so you can Special Summon them back stronger! Chain powerful combos as you bring back your creatures over and over again until you wipe out your opponents entire board.

Collectors also have something to be excited about – there will be 25 Quarter Century Secret Rares to get your hands on! Get these special cards when you can!

Age of Overlord comes out on October 20th, 2023!

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