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Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - December 5, 2022

Crown Zenith!

Sword & Shield is coming to its mighty conclusion! Crown Zenith is the final booster set in the Pokemon Sword & Shield collection. Gather up the most powerful Pokemon of Galar as we traverse these wild lands one last time!

Some old favourites are making their VSTAR comebacks. Zacian, Zamazenta, and Charizard are channelling their VSTAR powers to destroy your opponents – and they are only the beginning! Gather up all 8 of these new VSTAR warriors to put your enemies to shame.

But that’s not to say that we are only going to be getting the greatest hits of the Sword & Shield collection in this set. We are also getting some brand new Radiant, V, and Colossal VMAX Pokemon! These beasts will be the best of the best, so make sure to ready your decks for some powerful new additions.

For collectors, get your hands on the special Galarian Gallery art series cards! These beautiful art cards will include common and rare Pokemon and Trainers alike. Make sure to get your hands on them early before their gone forever!

This booster set will include over 160 new cards to add to your decks and collections! The full card breakdown is:

  • 3 Radiant Pokemon
  • 5 Colossal VMAX Pokemon
  • 8 Shiny VSTAR Pokemon
  • 17 V Pokemon
  • Combination of 70 Pokemon, Energy, and Trainer cards

Crown Zenith comes out on January 20th, 2023!

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Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - November 30, 2022

Romance Dawn!

The high seas are calling for adventure! We return to the world of the One Piece TCG in order to tell you all about the first booster set release, Romance Dawn! This booster set will include powerful new leaders, abilities, and brand new multicolour leaders!

Combine the cards from your Starter Decks and this booster set in order to create powerful decks! Utilize every colour combination to find your preferred game strategy. Whether your favourite deck colours are red and blue, green and purple, or anything in-between, tap into their potential and perform powerful combos to claim your victory!

With these multicolour decks come multicolour leaders. Whether you choose a red/green Trafalgar Law to take the helm of your deck, or a blue/purple Kaido, you can expect some fun combinations and abilities to lead the way.

However, multicolour cards aren’t the only addition to this set. New mono-colour Character, Leader, and Event cards will help you dominate the battlefield, granting you special attacks, abilities, and unique deck options!

This booster set will include a total of 121 new cards to add to your collection! The card breakdown is:

  • 8 Leader Cards
  • 45 Common Cards
  • 30 Uncommon Cards
  • 26 Rare Cards
  • 10 Super Rare Cards
  • 2 Secret Rare Cards

Romance Dawn comes out on December 2nd, 2022!

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Mike Carrozza Mike Carrozza - November 29, 2022

A Seat at the Table – Kibo, Uktabi Prince!

Hello and welcome to A Seat at the Table, the column where I pick a commander and talk about what I’d include in the 99. This week, a popular little guy from Jumpstart 2022 gets some shine to talk about his 99.

Kibo, Uktabi Prince is a little troublemaker who comes to us directly from the art of Uktabi Orangutan and Uktabi Kong (at least that’s what I believe).

For two and a green, you get a Monkey Noble 2/2 with a stacked textbox. Let’s look at all three sections of it right now.

“{T}: Each player creates a colorless artifact token named Banana with “{T}, Sacrifice this artifact: Add {R} or {G}. You gain 2 life.”  

Whenever an artifact an opponent controls is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control that’s an Ape or Monkey.  

Whenever Kibo attacks, defending player sacrifices an artifact.”  

Holy Toledo, that’s a lot of words! Let’s do these in reverse order.

“Whenever Kibo attacks, defending player sacrifices an artifact.”

This one is fine, but doesn’t give you the decision. Your opponent can sacrifice an artifact of their own choice, but if you get Kibo out early enough and you swing at the person who only has a Sol Ring as an artifact, that’s pretty great. Just don’t give them a Banana before you do. Not to mention that any artifacts that go to your opponents’ bins gives Kibo and his Ape/ Monkey friends a +1/+1 counter as evidenced by his second ability.

This means that you’ll likely want to have a ton of Monkeys and Apes, and there are a little over 30 eligible Ape and Monkey creatures without Changeling that fall in Gruul colours. They’re not all great, but I’ll go over a few soon.

Finally, that first ability. Tapping Kibo to give everybody a Banana which is like a limited Treasure and a limited Food all in one. This fuels the second ability because for each opponent who cracks a Banana, your Apes and Monkeys get chonky and this will make for some fun political shenanigans in the early game.

Let’s get to some fun cards for the 99.

  1. Silverback Elder

Probably the best Ape printed in a long time, Silverback Elder does it all. It requires you to really like green, but rewards you with a 5/7 whose triggered abilities are amazingly powerful. When you cast a creature, you can destroy an artifact or enchantment, or you can look at the top five cards of your deck and put any land among them into play tapped, or you can gain four life. One of these options is definitely less useful than the others, but in a deck that I am assuming will be packed with other primates, that first mode will be useful to nuke Bananas or Powerstones or Thran Dynamos or whatever you want.

If Kibo’s in play, this 5/7 doesn’t stay at that stat line long. The ramp option is the graviest of the gravy trains. If every creature spell ramped you and then some (maybe you’ve got a Beast Whisperer in play too), it’d be difficult to get used to playing any other way.

  1. Viridian Revel

One of the best anti-Treasure cards out there, Viridian Revel, is a card I have been hyping up for some time now. “Whenever an artifact is put into an opponent’s graveyard from the battlefield, you may draw a card.” What a clean textbox that says, “hey, crack all the Treasures you want, I’m about to go off with 17 cards next turn”, or in the case of Kibo’s Bananas, “Hey, I help you, you help me! We’re all friends!”

Viridian Revel deserves a slot in any of your green decks these days. That’s how strong it is. The Treasures alone, not to mention Blood tokens, or Powerstone tokens, or Clues! Sardian Avenger is on track to being one of the sneakiest best cards in The Brothers’ War set, as is Brotherhood’s End, and for good reason – Treasures are out there and they are powerful. Viridian Revel turns each cracked Treasure or Banana across from you into an optional card for you. Isn’t that beautiful?

  1. Parallel Lives / Doubling Season

You give everybody Bananas, but you get more because you did all the work, after all! Parallel Lives and Doubling Season will double up your tokens and give Kibo and friends all the potassium he desires.

But Doubling Season also cares about counters and that means that one artifact hitting the graveyard while Doubling Season and Kibo are in play means that you’ll be getting TWO +1/+1 counters for each of your chest-beating friends.

  1. Taurean Mauler / Chameleon Colossus / Masked Vandal

These are the best of the Changeling creatures for your Kibo deck. Masked Vandal doesn’t destroy artifacts or enchantments, it exiles them, but then benefits from breaking them when Kibo is around. Say bye-bye to your opponent’s Darksteel Forge and start wrecking the rest of the artifacts with your Silverback Elder triggers.

Chameleon Colossus gets huge already with two activations of its ability alone bringing it to 16/16 with protection from black. If you have Kibo out and kill an artifact, those same two activations make this a 20/20 and you can activate at your own discretion! You don’t need to do it before combat, you can do it during! After blockers are declared.

“But the activation is costly!” First of all, you’re in green. Secondly, if you stocked up on Bananas, you can feed this Colossus enough to kill somebody outright. Then FLING at someone else!

Taurean Mauler already gets huge because of your opponents’ spells, but add to that Kibo’s second ability and you’ve got a huge beater that demands attention, drawing removal away from more important pieces.

  1. Titania’s Song + Vicious Shadows

With Titania’s Song turning all artifacts into creatures with power and toughness equal to their mana value, that means all the Bananas you make go bye-bye, therefore netting four death triggers. And what card really loves death triggers in red? Vicious Shadows.

Every time you tap Kibo with Titania’s Song and Vicious Shadows, you get four instances of damage to an opponent equal to their hand size, three rounds of +1/+1 counters for your Apes and Monkeys, and the satisfaction of knowing that a “gift” just blew up in your enemies faces.

Honorable Mention: The Stations

If you feel like getting a little silly, the Darksteel Stations – Blasting Station, Grinding Station, Salvaging Station, and Summoning Station – seem like a fun inclusion. Pairing them with Titania’s Song feels wacky and there seems to be a bunch to be done with the artifact tokens that are created

That does it for this week! Let me know what Commander you want covered on A Seat at the Table! @mikecarrozza on Twitter, Instagram, and Hive.

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Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - November 24, 2022

One Piece: Starter Decks!

It’s time to take to the open sea! The One Piece TCG is just over the horizon, and it’s time to choose which of the starter decks you will want to get your hands on.

Choose one of four starter decks, each with their own colour and abilities! Utilize all of your resources to pack a massive punch with a horde of creatures with The Straw Hat Crew deck; rest your opponents creatures and go heavy aggro with The Worst Generation deck; take control of the entire board and remove target creatures with ease with The Seven Warlords of the Seven Seas deck; or build your DON! to bring hell down on your enemies with the The Animal Kingdom Pirates deck!

Each main deck will also contain its own Leader card, allowing you to trigger special abilities throughout play. The Straw Hat Crew are led by Monkey.D.Luffy, who takes rested DON! cards to absorb into bigger attacks; The Worst Generation is helmed by Eustass”Captain”Kid, who allows you to Trash a card from hand to unrest him once per turn to perform multiple attacks; The Seven Warlords of the Seven Seas are led by Crocodile, who allows you to bounce cards from board to hand; and The Animal Kingdom Pirates are led by Kaido, who allows you to sacrifice DON! to immediately Trash one of your opponents’ life cards.

Each of these starter decks will include a fifty-one card main deck, ten DON! cards, and a player mat.

Still not exactly the deck you’re looking for? Then make sure to keep an eye out for Romance Dawn, the first booster set release coming out for One Piece TCG! It will be filled with Leaders, ability cards, and so much more for you to build around!

One Piece: Starter Decks come out on December 2nd, 2022!

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Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - November 4, 2022

The Underworld of Secrets!

It’s time to descend into a world of deception and intrigue! The Underworld of Secrets is an upcoming booster set release for the Force of Will TCG. Discover long discarded knowledge and ascend to new heights as you uncover lore of old.

Channel the power of the moon once more. Moonchild cards are here once again in Underworld, as introduced in A New World Emerges…! Unlock new powers and activate destructive effects that will help you take control of the board.

This full booster set includes:

  • 61 Normal Cards
  • 5 Basic Mana Stone Cards
  • 16 Rare Cards
  • 5 Rare/J-Ruler Cards
  • 15 Super Rare Cards
  • 1 Super Rare/J-Ruler Card
  • 5 Marvel Rule Cards
  • 12 Ruler Cards (Including 4 Moonchild Ruler Cards)
  • 5 Secret Cards
  • 8 Will Coin Cards
  • 1 Token Card
  • 24 Life Counter Cards

There are a total of 150 cards in this set, with each booster pack including 10 cards. Booster boxes will include 36 packs per box, including one unique promo card per box!

The Underworld of Secrets comes out on November 25th, 2022 and the Ruler Collection Set comes out on December 2nd, 2022!

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Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - November 2, 2022

Fighter’s Ambition!

It’s time to channel your energy and charge towards battle! Fighter’s Ambition is the newest set coming to the Dragon Ball Super TCG, including brand new characters, cards, and Zenkai powers!

The characters from Dragonball Super: Superhero are here! Power up your new heroes to unlock devastating effects. Activate Gohan’s final Beast form, or have Piccolo enter his ascendant Orange Piccolo state to perform powerful attacks! Gotenks is even around to give a helping hand! Though, the transformation wasn’t perfect…

But Dragonball Super: Superhero isn’t the only movie getting some card representation. There will be cards from over twenty different movies, including Dr. Gero, Lord Slug, Broly, and Blue Gogeta! With all of these new additions to the game, make sure to keep an eye out for the special edition versions of each card. These beautiful art print cards won’t be around for long!

But that’s not all for collectors! In this set, there will be five special SGR cards that chronicle Gohan’s training, from young apprentice to hero of renown! Collect all five of these special rare cards to catalogue this special event!

Fighter’s Ambition comes out on November 18th, 2022!

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Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - November 1, 2022

Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge!

The Advanced Crystal Beasts have arrived! Take control of these GX favourites in the upcoming release of Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge, a booster set release for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG!

The Advanced Crystal Beasts have come to make their mark. These upgraded versions of the original Crystal Beasts have new abilities, letting you swing for the fences. While Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger lets you boost its’ attack by 400, Advanced Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger will allow you to boost all your Crystal Beast monsters attack at the same time! Strengthen your Crystal Beast deck further by building around The Legends of the Crystal Beasts Structure Deck. Don’t miss out on this powerful collection of crystal monsters to help destroy your opponents life total!

But that is not to say that the Crystal Beasts are not going to have some competition. Also in this set is the Royal Straight Slasher for the 3 Musketeers of Face deck! Add in Yugi’s powerful new card from the Grand Championship arc to activate devastating effects on your opponents.

Still not enough? Then dive back into the Ignis strategy with brand new Link monsters! This new strategy will focus on building a defending wall from Earth Cyberse Link Monsters to protect yourself from incoming attacks. Protect yourself, then swing big for huge amounts of damage!

Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge comes out on November 17th, 2022!

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Avatar Tyson Fraleigh - October 28, 2022

Upcoming Releases: November (2022)

Hello adventurers! November is nearly here, and it’s time to check out what new games and set releases are around the corner. TCGs will be getting a lot of good stuff, so if you love card games, make sure to keep an eye on your calendar!

Roleplaying Games

  • Free LeagueCY_BORG (November 15th, 2022)
  • PathfinderStarfinder Adventure: To Defy The Dragon (Mid-November)

Trading Card Games

  • Cardfight!! VanguardLyrical Monasterio ~Summertime Memories!~ (November 11th, 2022)
  • Dragon Ball SuperFighter’s Ambition (November 18th, 2022)
  • Digimon TCGDraconic Roar (November 11th, 2022)
  • Flesh & BloodDynasty (November 11th, 2022)
  • Force of WillThe Underworld of Secrets (November 25th, 2022)
  • Magic: The GatheringThe Brothers’ War (November 18th, 2022)
  • PokemonSilver Tempest (November 11th, 2022)
  • Yu-Gi-OhBattles of Legend: Crystal Revenge (November 17th, 2022)

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