Bruce Gray - February 23, 2016

Casual Encounters – Standard Pauper for BFZ

Standard Pauper for BFZ by Bruce Gray – Casual Encounters Welcome back folks! I’m back and I’m back on the brew train this week tackling something that I love to do (but rarely get a chance to play) and... Read More
Bruce Gray - February 20, 2015

Simic standard pauper deck

Simic standard pauper deck By Bruce Gray – Casual Encounters I have an admission.  I have recently decided that I would dust off my old MTGO account and resurrect it.  The intent behind me opening up my MTGO account... Read More
Bruce Gray - March 25, 2014

Casual Encounters – UW Tempo (Standard Pauper)

            I have never been a guy to quibble much over format.  I’ve mostly just played whatever I had in whatever deck I felt like building.  This can yield some very interesting and fun... Read More
Gerald Knight - March 20, 2014

Knight’s Booty: A Modern Problem

Panic sets in as you are told by the pretty lady at the airport terminal that your luggage has been lost.  It’s unthinkable.  How could your luggage be lost?  You need that for this weekend.  Your clothes were in... Read More
Gerald Knight - March 15, 2014

Knight’s Booty – Little Cousin

You turn the key and lock up the shop for the day, ready to go home and get some grub before heading out to Friday Night Magic, ready to test out that shiny new Heroic deck you’ve been tweaking... Read More
Gerald Knight - January 11, 2014

Knight’s Booty – Friday Night Leftovers

You walk through the door and turn on the light, the adrenaline of tonight’s matches is still coursing through you as you shoulder your backpack to the floor.  Your shoes and jacket are next to go as you take... Read More