Bruce Gray - October 19, 2021

The Epic Experiment – Lands, Lands, Lands

Welcome back to the Epic Experiment. I’m glad to be back with yet another visit. I have recently spent a great deal of thought on mana bases and how to keep things affordable with the ever growing demands of... Read More
Tyson Fraleigh - February 18, 2021

Magic Ban List – A Quick Summary (February 15th)

On February 15th, Wizards of the Coast released an updated banned and restricted list for Magic. In case you missed it, or are unsure about anything on the list, I am here to give a quick summary of what... Read More
Norman Fried - July 11, 2016

One Tribe to Rule Them All

Outside the Norm – One Tribe to Rule Them All Hey guys, I’m back! So after a long hiatus from Magic and an even longer one from the competitive scene my creative juices have started flowing and I just had to... Read More
Gregoire Thibault - June 17, 2016

Eternal Cards For the Casual Player

Optimum Jank – Eternal Cards For the Casual Player     The Best of The Rest   Eternal Masters is finally here and there’s a lot to be excited for. Everyone is ready to play the Booster Pack Lottery hoping... Read More
Bruce Gray - March 21, 2016

Budget Modern Naya Blitz

Casual Encounters By Bruce Gray With all the new cards spoiled from Shadows over Innistrad I have been excited to go back and dig up a bunch of my cards from the original Innistrad block and I found a couple... Read More
Eric Jeffrey Seltzer - February 15, 2016

Eternal Masters – Release notes, Gallery and Artwork

  Wizards of the Coast just dropped an A-Bomb on us with the upcoming release announcement of Eternal Masters !!! Now I know what you’re thinking, are we going to be getting our Dual Lands reprinted finally ?!?!? Sadly and... Read More
Samuel Carrier - July 17, 2015

Magic Origins modern influences

Magic Origins modern influences   Hello Readers, since the long awaited release of modern masters 2015, we had the privilege to see a spoiler of new cards coming ahead for the new set Origins. After that we’ve enjoyed opening... Read More
Roy Anderson - March 4, 2015

5 Budget Modern decks

Hello again fellow looters! It’s me Roy, back for another article this week. Now before we delve into our topic, I have to explain something. If you have been reading my past articles, you know that I promised that... Read More
Bruce Gray - January 27, 2015

Brewing a budget modern deck

Casual Encounters: Brewing a Budget Modern deck By Bruce Gray  With the banning of Cruise and Dig Through Time I thought I might take a bit of a stab at Modern. The format seems SOOO intimidating because it is... Read More
Daniel Clayton - January 15, 2015

To Ban or Not to Ban that is the Question

To Ban or Not to Ban that is the Question By Daniel Clayton – the Will of the Floral Spuzzem Shuffling Up If you look at most of the formats that are currently (except draft, but draft’s special), one thing you... Read More
Gregoire Thibault - December 7, 2014

Modern Masters 2015 Edition

  Announcing Modern Masters 2015 Edition Wizard announced it’s next installment of Modern Masters 2015 to be released May 22, 2015. The set will take players back to some of the more remarkable Magic the Gathering planes such as Zendikar, Mirrodin,... Read More
Eric Jeffrey Seltzer - October 7, 2014

Mono-Red Burn Modern by Michael Glanzer (1st at SCG Edison Modern Prem...

Champion’s Deck Mono-Red Burn Modern by Michael Glanzer 1st at SCG Edison Modern Premier IQ on Sep 28th 2014 Very elegant and simple in design Burn has a storied history in magic since the first Fireball and Lightning Bolt were... Read More