Bright Lights is the newest booster set coming to the Flesh & Blood TCG. Dive into the magic of Metrix City, face off against humans and robots alike, and harness the power of mechanical giants!

Metrix is a city of steel. Mega-conglomerates are developing and selling world altering technologies, constantly in the search for the next big break through. Whether it is renewable energy or powerful combat bots, conglomerates will sell anything to the highest bidder.

Many of the brightest minds of the age come to Metrix to learn and make a name for themselves. Ambition is the driving force for the city, where your will dictates your destiny. But to make it in a city like this, you are going to make some enemies. Just be careful which enemies you choose – who knows what kinds of tech weapons they have lying around?

Some big things are coming to the world of Rathe. To start, a new Expansion Slot has been added to the Draft format! This means specials reprints can make your way into your Draft deck, allowing you to connect your deck to other pieces of lore outside of Metrix.

It is time for the Mechanologists to shine! Build your deck around the two new Mechanologist heroes: Teklovossen and a returning hero, Dash. While Dash’s new abilities have yet to be announced, we do know about Teklovoseen’s powers. With Teklovoseen, get cards onto the field faster, activate your card draw engine, then use the new crank mechanic to get your items onto the field as quickly as your draw them! Overtake your opponents with your technological superiority.

There will be 251 cards in the set, with 16 cards per pack. There will be 24 packs per display, and 4 displays within a case. The cards will consist of:

  • 1 Fabled Card
  • 7 Legendary Cards
  • 46 Majestic Cards
  • 56 Rare Cards
  • 129 Common Cards
  • 12 Token Cards
  • 9 Marvel Cards

Bright Lights comes out on October 6th, 2023!

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