Doctor Who is coming to Magic: The Gathering! Universes Beyond is racing the Tardis through time and space, ready to introduce you to the Doctors, the Companions, and numerous villains from the television series. Gather up special edition cards and dominate your next Commander night!

This set consists of two main components – Commander Decks and Collector Boosters. There are four new Commander Decks coming with this set, focused on a variety of eras of Doctor Who. They are:

  • Blast from The Past is a Simic/Bant deck that has you cast historic spells from the top of your deck, then trigger additional effects from playing those spells. This deck’s commanders are The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith.
  • Timey-Wimey is a Jeskai deck that focuses on casting suspend spells, then quickly removing the counters quickly to cast multiple spells quickly. This deck is helmed by The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler.
  • Paradox Power is a Simic/Temur deck that puts priority on casting cards from exile and giving creatures +1/+1 counters to help pack a punch. The commanders of this deck are The Thirteenth Doctor and Yasmin Khan.
  • Masters of Evil is a Grixis deck that builds artifact armies and forces your opponents to make ‘villainous choices’ – they can either help you or hurt their own board state. This deck has three different powerful commander options: Davros, Dalek Creator creates Dalek artifact creatures when your opponents lose life; Missy creates Cybermen whenever your creatures die; and The Valeyard triggers additional voting rounds and triggers villainous choices multiple times.

Want to get special editions of the cards in these Commander Decks? Then check out the Collector Boosters! These packs will include fifteen foil cards, including alternate artwork of cards found in the Commander Decks. Get special showcase editions of all the commanders and more!

Universes Beyond: Doctor Who comes out on October 13th, 2023!

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