It’s time to get your Magicians at the ready! Battle of Chaos is the first set of 2022 for Yu-Gi-Oh! Power up your Dark Magician with brand new support or explore new archetypes to command the field!

Yugi Muto’s Dark Magician is getting some help in this upcoming set! There will be a brand new Ritual and Fusion Monster, and a brand new Dragon Monster known as Timaeus! Add these to your next Dark Magician deck and you will have a formidable build that your opponents will not see coming.

If you are looking for support for cards and archetypes introduced in Burst of Destiny, then you are in luck! There is going to be a big boost to Icejade decks, including a brand new Swordsoul Synchro Monster. If that is not up your alley, then how about new cards for chill decks, such as Vampires and Ghostrick? If you are looking for something fresh off the press, then go to the brand new Aesir archetype! These Norse inspired Monsters and Relic cards will not do you wrong.

The Battle of Chaos Booster Set will come out February 10th, 2022!

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