From the makers of Mork Borg, Cy_Borg is a upcoming cyberpunk game all about a surviving the end of the world – over and over again. This rules-lite RPG offers a simpler edition of classic cyberpunk RPGs, such as Cyberpunk 2020 and Shadowrun.

Explore the City of Y—-, or Cy, a city in constant turmoil. No matter the collapse, whether it be volcanic eruption, nerve gas, earthquake, or machine takeover, Cy never falls. It is reborn over and over again, not allowing anyone within to die. It is a hell of repeated pain.

Roll your stats and be good to go! Become one of six different classes, such as a Forsaken Gang-Goon or a Shunned Nanomancer, equip your combat mods, and throw yourself in the meat grinder! Face off against soldiers, police, gang members, and androids as you build your reputation throughout Cy.

Looking to get right into the action without worrying about developing a plot for your players? Then start off with the Lucky Flight Takedown, a casino heist at the heart of the city! Race inside, erase the player debts, or burn the whole place to the ground. The choice is yours.

Cy_Borg comes out in June 2022! Back your copy here!

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