The Grand Creators is an upcoming set for Yu-Gi-Oh!, and it is going to be a game changer. This booster release will introduce three new archetypes, and officially welcome the 2020 winner of the Create-A-Card Project for Inzektor decks!

These new archetypes will add diverse challenges to the current meta. Channel the power of magical artists and summon Psychic monsters to the field, then Synchro summon into a massive level 11 Synchro Beast! Or why not pack a punch with a full party of heroes, and tell the story of a heroic protagonist willing to do anything to achieve his quest!

But keep your eye on your opponent’s cards – if you start to see soul Spellcasters, watch out! They will stop you from activating your graveyard abilities, transforming to Xyz behemoths!

The new spell card card for Inzektor decks was built and pitched by fans! This card will allow you to summon a Inzektor monster or Equip Spell from your deck and play it right away! If you are an Inzektor player, make sure not to sleep on this beauty.

The Grand Creators Booster Set will come out on January 13th, 2022!

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