Ryoko’s Guide to the Yokai Realms is a brand new campaign guide for your next D&D game! Get access to powerful new character builds, face off against dangers yokai spirits, and get unique new items and powers to take on your next big bad!

Players will get their hands on a whole plethora of new character options. Dive into over ten new races and fourteen new subrace options. Become a devilish hanataka-tengu, a nature spirit atatsu, a quick and agile fuyo-ren, or a powerful ape enkoh!

Once your race is chosen, look through the new subclass options to see if there are any that strikes your fancy. With over twelve new options, you will have a whole range of new characters to build, whether it be a quick drawing Ronin Ranger or ghostly Spirit Caller Sorcerer. If you want to try something entirely new, then check out the brand new Bender class! Channel the powers of the elements as you fight, using fire, earth, wind, and water to decimate your enemies.

Once your character is complete, it’s time to jump into the adventure! Face off against fifty new monsters, including massive kaiju and deadly spirits. Work as a team to use the special combo attack mechanics, unleashing powerful attacks simultaneously with your allies. Gather up the Sekiro-inspired magic items to climb and swing your way through combat encounters!

If you have Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting, then you’re in luck! When you defeat a kaiju, you will be able to use biomancing to make some cute monsters to follow after you. You will also be able to craft your own magic items, summoning the powers of the very monsters you fell!

Ryoko’s Guide to the Yokai Realm comes out in February, 2025! Back your copy here!

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