Flock Together is a cooperative board where players will need to protect their chicken coop from Predators! Take up arms as one of eleven fowl characters and survive until the end of Fall to claim victory.

We – the chickens of The Coop – are trying to build a life for ourselves out in the wildest of wildernesses. No allies but each other; no support but our own resolve. We face all manner of natural struggles and assault from predators who think us easy targets. In this turbulent time, it has fallen to all of you to protect and provide for The Coop! Can we make it through the year into that bright future the Founder foretold?

The world thinks we’re nothing more than a feathery snack.

Let’s prove them wrong.

Flock Together Kickstarter

Each player begins the game by getting two Chicken Books. Choose one of these Chickens to become your character for the rest of the game. Each Chicken has their own unique special abilities, so make sure to strategize with your fellow players to get the best combination of fighters.

There are three seasons, each with seven days. Each day takes place over one full round of play. Each player turn consists of gathering food and taking two actions. These actions can range from attacking enemies, to laying eggs in the hen house, to healing your allies. Make sure to use your abilities to the fullest to get the most bang for your buck.

Combat is the name of the game here. As Predators encroach, you will need to defend yourselves, so make sure to hit first. When you attack one of these pesky adversaries, you will need to expend a number of food tokens equal to your strength. Once the attack is declared, go through the list of effect triggers that could affect your attack. First is Weather Effects, second is Predator Effects, and finally is Chicken Effects.

If none of the effects would negate the attack, your Chicken and the Predator trade damage. Once your enemy is defeated, loot their remains for helpful items, including weapons! Once you finish the fight, race back to the hen house to heal up and get ready for the next one!

But Predators aren’t the only thing to fight outside The Coop. Grubs are everywhere, each with their own special benefits once defeated. Make sure to pick them up where you can!

If you are able to last all three seasons, you win the game! But be careful – Predators will become increasingly more dangerous as time goes on, so make sure to take them out before they become a bigger problem.

Flock Together comes out in June, 2024! Back your copy here!

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