Railways of the Lost Atlas is a competitive economic management game where players take on the roles of investors trying to expand their railroad empire! Travel across an asymmetric map, expanding your reach across the country one tile at a time.

Each player will start the game by buying up a Minor Company in an auction. Each Minor Company has a benefit that you will be granted as the company president, which can include larger train cars, faster travel, or being able to carry more cargo. Each player may also sell stock in their company in order to get a higher starting wealth total. However, this will reduce the cost of shares in your company, meaning that other players may be able to buy the company out from under you.

Once each player has a Minor Company, they can begin the Operating round. Player take turns in descending stock price order. Buy your first train, set up some rail tiles, and begin stretching across the country.

Different rail tile cards will have unique symbols on them, granting special benefits to the player who places it. Bonuses include playing extra tiles, gain money from mining, and even get a boost to your speed. Once you have completed your expansion, you may either pay your shareholders or hold the money for yourself. By paying shareholders, your stock price goes up, but you lose some of your income. If you hold the money for yourself, you get all your income, but your stock price drops.

Make sure to keep an eye on your purse! By the end of your turn, if you do not control a train, you must purchase one. If you cannot, your company goes bankrupt and you are removed from the game.

Once the final round finishes, whoever has the highest combined income and share price wins the game!

Railways of the Lost Atlas comes out in July, 2024! Back your copy here!

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