Wilderfeast is a upcoming adventure TTRPG where players become more and more powerful… by becoming what they eat. Explore vast and dark forests, hunt down incredible creatures, and use monster meat to gain bonuses and special mutations!

The One Land is a vast and wild place. Humanity is new to its shores, attempting to build order in an alien place. Monsters both big and small are littered across the terrain, refusing to be tamed. Worse yet, the beasts have become infected with a terrifying eldritch disease, turning once friendly creatures into violent, raging beasts.

To face these terrifying monsters, the wilders were summoned. Part man, part monster, these hunters embraced the eldritch disease into their own being. In doing so, wilders are now able to absorb the power of monsters into themselves… by eating them. A mix of monster hunters, master chefs, and powerful arbourists, wilders have become a people of legend throughout The One Land, diving into danger head on for the sake of humanity.

Each player begins by building their character. Start by putting levels in one of four Styles: Mighty, Precise, Swift, or Tricky. For each point in these Styles, you will get a range of abilities, both when you are in human and monster form. Choose your Skills to get special bonuses, then choose your starting monster Traits that can grant you things like Flying, Venom bites, and more!

There are three main stages to every session: Hunt, Eat, and Feed.

During the Hunt phase… well, you hunt the monsters. Players roll skill checks by adding their Style + Skill modifiers with their dice roll. Human actions use a d8, while Monster rolls are made with a d20. Carefully balance who is in control in different scenarios, or you may find yourself outmatched.

During the Eat phase, players can eat a piece of the monster that they just hunted. Choose a part of the monster to gain a specific Trait, or go for a random piece of meat for a general selection. Just make sure to cook it right or you may find yourself with only food poisoning.

Finally, for the Feed phase, players can start to cultivate the land and help healthy monsters in the area. While you have been hired to hunt and destroy terrifying beasts, you need to keep the place healthy to have future game to hunt. Feed the animals in the area to ensure you can return for a bountiful fight!

But the eldritch disease holds its own curse. Wilders never know peace, suffering from intense hunger and rage. Don’t lose control over your impulses, or you may become the very thing you hunt.

Wilderfeast comes out in September, 2024! Back your copy here!

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