The Advanced Crystal Beasts have arrived! Take control of these GX favourites in the upcoming release of Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge, a booster set release for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG!

The Advanced Crystal Beasts have come to make their mark. These upgraded versions of the original Crystal Beasts have new abilities, letting you swing for the fences. While Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger lets you boost its’ attack by 400, Advanced Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger will allow you to boost all your Crystal Beast monsters attack at the same time! Strengthen your Crystal Beast deck further by building around The Legends of the Crystal Beasts Structure Deck. Don’t miss out on this powerful collection of crystal monsters to help destroy your opponents life total!

But that is not to say that the Crystal Beasts are not going to have some competition. Also in this set is the Royal Straight Slasher for the 3 Musketeers of Face deck! Add in Yugi’s powerful new card from the Grand Championship arc to activate devastating effects on your opponents.

Still not enough? Then dive back into the Ignis strategy with brand new Link monsters! This new strategy will focus on building a defending wall from Earth Cyberse Link Monsters to protect yourself from incoming attacks. Protect yourself, then swing big for huge amounts of damage!

Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge comes out on November 17th, 2022!

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