It’s time to channel your energy and charge towards battle! Fighter’s Ambition is the newest set coming to the Dragon Ball Super TCG, including brand new characters, cards, and Zenkai powers!

The characters from Dragonball Super: Superhero are here! Power up your new heroes to unlock devastating effects. Activate Gohan’s final Beast form, or have Piccolo enter his ascendant Orange Piccolo state to perform powerful attacks! Gotenks is even around to give a helping hand! Though, the transformation wasn’t perfect…

But Dragonball Super: Superhero isn’t the only movie getting some card representation. There will be cards from over twenty different movies, including Dr. Gero, Lord Slug, Broly, and Blue Gogeta! With all of these new additions to the game, make sure to keep an eye out for the special edition versions of each card. These beautiful art print cards won’t be around for long!

But that’s not all for collectors! In this set, there will be five special SGR cards that chronicle Gohan’s training, from young apprentice to hero of renown! Collect all five of these special rare cards to catalogue this special event!

Fighter’s Ambition comes out on November 18th, 2022!

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