Amazing Defenders is the newest booster set release coming for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG! Explore three brand new deck strategies that will help you destroy the board and claim victory!

What are are the new deck themes you should expect? Start off with a whole collection of rescue vehicles who can come to your aid at any time! Use these versatile creatures to boost ATK, DEF, and keep your place on the board safe.

Want a bit more of a challenge? Then check out the Xyz creature that needs some tender love and care to become one of the most powerful creatures in the game! Use different cards to build up your Xyz summons to create some truly terrifying board effects.

Finally, master the power of dance through your Fusion Monsters! A powerful new card will grace us with a dance-based Fusion summon requirement, creating powerful additional effects.

Also in this set will be numerous reprints to help boost your deck builds! Which ever new theme you choose to build around, you will have plenty of options to get you to victory.

Amazing Defenders comes out on January 19th, 2023!

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