It is time to return to the grimdark world of Mork Borg for Forty Fiends! Dive into this bestiary of forty new monsters to add to your games, big or small!

In this short forty creature bestiary, you will be able to add a whole cavalcade of different creatures to chase down the players. Learn more about each beast with a historical text box, then get each of their stats so you can trample your players into the ground.

What kind of monsters should you expect? Start off easy by facing off against Rachita Wicker, burn effigies of wicker and wood come to life. Or perhaps take on a gang of Fang Frogs, each with teeth so sharp, they cut you simply by looking at them.

Or maybe your players are already seasoned veterans and want a real challenge. Throw a Baltoaca, a tentacles monstrosity from deep below the surface of the waves. Or perhaps the massive beast known as the Trunker, hiding in the dark shadows of forests, freezing their prey in fear…

Forty Fiends comes out in March, 2023! Back your copy here!

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