Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 is the newest release for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG! Expand your collection of classic cards in this reprint collection of Hidden Arsenal over the past decade!

Many powerful archetypes are getting some strong representation in this set, including Ice Barrier and Fabled cards! With old favourites coming back from Ghosts of the Past and Blazing Vortex, you can be sure to update your Dragunity decks with ease.

Even more exciting is the return of Duel Terminal Technology cards! This specialty card design is back, given to only the most powerful cards in the game. There will be six brand new Duel Terminal Tech Ultra Rare cards and two new Duel Terminal Tech Common cards to add to your collection!

In every box set, you can expect a Secret Rare, the Duel Terminal Tech cards, twenty-eight Standard cards, and a specialty dice that will only be coming out with this set! If you are a collector of any kind, you will want to get your hands on these gems.

Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 is out today! Get your box here!

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