The Curse of Candleabria is a fairytale fantasy board game where players race to become the new ruler of the kingdom of Candleabria! Choose your House and take control of Candleabria one battle at a time to end the curse for good.

A terrible curse has rippled through Candleabria. This once noble kingdom has been cursed by the gods, turning everyone into animated wax candles. While the rich and powerful steal and drain others of their wax to survive, most are left to a short and terrifying life.

But there is still hope – the curse may yet be broken. It will only be up to the clever minds of the political Houses to keep the flame of hope alive, and return the world back to flesh and bone.

Each player begins to by choosing one of five different Houses, each with their own unique powers and abilities. There is The Cinis Clan, known for their brutality and destruction; The Nova Vita Coven, dedicated to the night and assassination; The Satores Order, filled with riches and magic; The Rota Aurea Guild, the master crafters and engineers; or The Luminis Knights, the defenders of the light.

Once your House is chosen, players will take turns exploring Candleabria, activating land abilities, upgrading your castle, and building your armies. Once you have your soldiers on the field, lead your fighters into battle and claim the various regions on the map as your own. Destroy your opponents strongholds, and claim Candleabria for yourself. Whoever is able to take their place on the throne will end the curse and begin a new age of rule for Candleabria.

The Curse of Candleabria comes out in March, 2024! Back your copy here!

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