Haxen is a new indie ttrpg throwing you into a strange post-apocalyptic world filled with greed-fueled sorcerers, paranoid divinity, and nothing but scrap to keep you alive. Utilize powerful runes both in and out of game to determine your fate and find your destiny!

Your life has been prophesied – you will make something of yourself, good or evil. You will become a Haxen – a powerful hero who can step between your home world and the dangerous land of the Requiem. Explore the wreckage of this alien world, gather up resources, and bring them back to your home commune – or die trying.

Based on the Blades in Dark Engine, Haxen is a game all about risk and reward. Instead of using dice, each player will decide their destiny through the use of runes. Each rune will offer temptation, both good and bad. Choose which runes to use carefully to achieve the greatest possible success.

Explore the hex crawl landscape one step at a time and discover everything you can. Each Haxen archetype will offer something new for you to utilize in the world. Choose to become a living weapon as a Barbarian; a dual-souled Ranger; a level handed Paladin; or a divine-blooded Cleric. Each will grant you unique powers, but be cautious in using them. You don’t know what they may cost…

Haxen comes out in December, 2023! Back your copy here!

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