So, you’ve decided to enter Rathe, huh? Not a very welcome place, but in the world of Flesh & Blood, nothing is really welcoming. Around here, it is all about fighting to survive. You think you can handle it?

Flesh & Blood is a new TCG out of Auckland, New Zealand. The game is all about having two heroes face down in single combat, using various moves and weapons to lead their way to victory. Equip armor, use special attacks, and wield powerful weapons in order to defeat your opponent.

Each archetype has different abilities, whether it be magic or martial prowess. Ninjas are able to attack multiple times in a row, while arcanists are able to manipulate powerful spells to their advantage. Whether you play a military general or a flesh merchant, there are plenty of heroes for you to command.

The makers of the game made a full step-by-step breakdown of how to play! Check it out here!

Decks can be constructed with combinations of the various recent set releases around an hero archetype. These sets include Welcome to Rathe, Arcane Rising, and Monarch!


Flesh & Blood Flesh & Blood Flesh & Blood

If you want something to play right out of the box, then check out the Monarch Blitz decks! These decks are pre-constructed and fully customizable with cards from other sets.

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