Outsiders is the next booster set release coming out for the Flesh & Blood TCG! Dive into the dark and twisted world of the Pits, introducing new heroes to helm your deck, and brand new ways to destroy your opponents!

The Pits is the home of numerous assassins, thieves, pirates, and monsters alike. A network of tunnels connecting a series of creeping caverns and disease ridden canals, this is a world of pain. Dog eats dog here. Only the lucky and brutal survive. You will need to team up with the best if you want to make it out alive. But everyone has their own baggage, their own rules they’re willing to bend and break.

The only question is: what are you willing to do to survive?

Outsiders will be the first booster set release with multiple heroes from multiple classes, meaning you will have endless draftable options on day one! With a mix of both old and new heroes, make sure to pick and choose your next hero carefully, whether they be a Assassin, a Ranger, or a Ninja.

This set will also be introducing new Hybrid cards! These special action cards will allow you to utilize them in more than one type of Hero deck. Whether you are running Katsu or Riptide, you will still be able to channel these unique powers to claim victory!

Outsiders comes out on March 24th, 2023!

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