The land of Rathe grows once again, adventurer. We have seen kingdoms rise and fall, but we have never seen a land with magic infused into nature itself. Welcome to Aria. Will you become a legend in the Tales of Aria? Or shall you be another forgotten corpse to be eaten by the wilds?

Tales of Aria is the newest booster box coming out for Flesh & Blood! Explore the beautiful landscapes of Aria, where magic ripples through the land. Build your current deck with the magical gifts throughout the land, or take on a brand new hero to change the world!

This set will see the release of three brand new heroes and game mechanics. The first hero is Lexi, a mage who seems to be able to use winter and archery to her advantage! The rest of the heroes remain a mystery, but keep an eye out in early September for early previews…

But don’t think that you are trapped in Classic Constructed deck building! You will have multiple Blitz decks at your disposal to play through, each with their own unique hero!

Tales of AriaTales of Aria

Tales of Aria is released on September 24th, 2021!

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