From the visionary RPG designer Grant Howitt, EAT THE REICH is a upcoming historical horror-comedy RPG where players will become vampire commandos fighting their way through nazi occupied Paris. Kill hordes of nazis, flashback to important moments between your party, and drain Hitler of every ounce of blood that he has.

In this hyperviolent antifascist game, players will take on the role of one of the six pre-generated vampires: Iryna, the socialite warlock; Nicole, the ex-French Resistance explosive expert; Chuck, the rotting cowboy; Cosgrove, the undead mafia necromancer; Astrid, the court of spirits warrior; and Flint, the half-man-half-bat monstrosity.

Once you have chosen your character, you and your party will be thrown into the year of 1940, as nazis hold claim over Paris. The fuhrer has arrived into town, and it’s time to put him down for good. Players will be air dropped into the city, fighting your way through a sea of fascists. You will roll a collection pool of d6s, ignoring any roll of 3 or under. Anything 4 or higher will be used to make attack rolls, make ability checks, or replenish yourself on human blood.

No matter how many nazis you kill, you need to remember your prime objective. Search the city for Hitler, and finally put an end to the war at any cost.

It is worth noting that this game is about fighting nazis in our real world and drinking Adolf Hitler’s blood. This could be uncomfortable for players and GMs alike, especially if handled poorly. Howitt has commented on this fact, that I feel deserves to be put here:

EAT THE REICH is not a tasteful game. It is garish, and disgusting, and violent. It glorifies bloodshed. The players massacre their way through dozens if not hundreds of nazis en route to drink all of Hitler’s blood and then shove his lifeless corpse off a dirigible. It is also a comedy game, in as much as the central premise is ridiculous and we then provide the players with a variety of opportunities to kill fascists in novel and entertaining ways.

To this end: we are working with a number of professional sensitivity readers to ensure that what we’re putting out is tasteless in the right sort of way, and that it doesn’t punch down at anyone. (I actually don’t think you can get lower than a nazi, but they seem to have a high opinion of themselves, so it counts as punching up in my book.) We have several sensitivity readers lined up with diverse backgrounds and expertise to ensure that we strike the right balance throughout the book. And this is a situation where the more perspectives we have, the better, so if you are a sensitivity reader with relevant expertise, please get in touch.

If you would like to see their full statement, check out it out here.

This will definitely not be a RPG for everyone. But if you are looking for a blood-soaked time, there will be nothing better than this.

EAT THE REICH comes out in December, 2023! Back your copy here!

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