Shadowrun: TakeDown is an upcoming cyberpunk campaign game where players become mercenary Runners, completing contracts for megacorporations. Sneak, hack, and blast your way through numerous levels, completing as many objectives as possible!

There are some secrets worth dying for. In a world filled with megacorporations manipulating the powers that be, secrets are the currency of power. Someone needs to learn those secrets if they want to get ahead – it just may cost them everything.

That’s where you come in. Each player will take on the role of a Runner, a trained mercenary who is able to complete any job. Each Runner has their own unique abilities – some prefer the run-and-gun approach, while others keep to the shadows. Regardless of your abilities, it is your responsibility to take contracts as a group and get paid.

There is one unique Runner in play – The Mastermind. This Runner is outside of the map, giving other Runners hints on the next plan of attack by your enemies. Utilize your Mastermind carefully, or you may find yourselves blown to bits.

What can you do with your pay? Get new upgrades and gear of course! Get access to powerful mods and weapons to make your next contract that much easy to traverse.

Want something a bit more competitive? Then check out Head-To-Head Mode! Set your group up into two teams as both sides race to complete the mission. Traverse through massive maps, fight for objectives, and claim victory over your enemy Runners once and for all!

Shadowrun: TakeDown comes out in August, 2024! Back your copy here!

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