There is a ghost in the machine, Tamers! In X Record, the newest Digimon TCG booster release, it is time to explore the X-Antibody Digimon type, including some fan favourites from the Digimon Ghost Game TV show!

For those unaware, X-Antibody is a specific antibody that can be introduced into any Digimon. When this has been done, they will become immune to a powerful computer trying to wipe out Digimon called the X Program!

What does this mean for the TCG? Well, you should expect a lot of Digimon and Option cards that will allow you to trash or De-Digivolve your opponent’s Digimon with ease as long as you have other X-Antibody Digimon on the board. Get into some of the most powerful X-Antibody Digimon, such as Gallantman (X-Antibody) or Ordinemon, and you will be able to trigger powerful abilities! This can be anything from healing when you trash an opponent’s Digimon, to dealing damage straight to your opponent’s security stack!

You won’t want to neglect these powerful creatures, or you may find yourself unprepared for your opponents destructive capability! The X-Antibody does not take prisoners!

X Record comes out on July 29th, 2022! Pre-order you box and join the pre-release with Three Kings Loot now!

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