It is time to strike out into adventure! Euthia is a cooperative fantasy rpg-lite board game all about going on adventures, fighting mighty creatures, and becoming a living legend!

Each player chooses a different class to play with their own special abilities. Play as Taesiri, the Cyromancer; Maeldur, Herald of the Eternal Flame; Keleia, the Shadowblade; Skoldur, the Earthbreaker; Ael, Warden of Light; Dral, the Wraithbringer; or the new Kickstarter exclusive Necromancer character!

Travel across the board, discovering monsters, ruins, and new tiles to explore! Each campaign option begins with its own win-loss conditions, as well as it’s own monsters that you can face. Explore the land, vanquish monsters such as primordial Elementals, Dragons, Hydras, and more!

Why get your copy of Euthia now? If the bonus Necromancer character, custom Dwurt dice, and combo board don’t entice you enough, this reprint will include the base game as well as three expansions. This collection will not be available anywhere else, allowing you to hold all your game pieces in one box! If you want all the bonuses possible, as well as to be able to hold your game all in one place, this reprint is what you are looking for!

The reprint for Euthia comes out in December, 2023! Back your copy here!

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