The night sky is the limit, adventurer! The stars are waiting in Moonrakers: Titan, an deluxe edition of the award-winning board game Moonrakers. Build shaky alliances, gather resources, and betray your friends in this game of intergalactic domination!

In Moonrakers, you and your friends play as individual mercenaries out to make a name for yourselves. But by the end of the game, only one of you can have the respect and money to be able to become the leader of the Moonrakers. You will need to complete contracts, either alone or with your tenuous allies, to gain Prestige and Credits. Upgrade your ship and build your deck to gain special actions and explore the galaxy!

But watch out for hazards! Otherwise you may find yourself losing some of that precious Prestige!

In the Titan Edition, players will gain access to a number of extra bonuses to spice up your game. It will include three game bending expansions: Binding Ties introduces factions, allowing players to perform favours and ask for them in return; Overload will expand the deck building rules, ship parts, powers, and contract types; and Nomad entirely changes how you explore the board, allowing you to visit places that have the contracts you want and need with ease!

The Titan Edition also comes with a huge board game box to fit the base game and the related expansions, and beautiful holographic game cards! Not only that, but there is also a free digital game co-op game mode called Luminor. Instead of using your opponents to your advantage, welcome them into the fold as you make your mark on the galaxy together!

Moonrakers: Titan comes out in March, 2023! Back your copy here!

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