Where the Camarilla and Anarchs fail, the Sabbat rises. Discover more about the sinister group in the upcoming sourcebook Sabbat: The Black Hand.

Independent from the two major governing bodies in the Kindred world, the Sabbat is known for its brutality and vicious tactics. Learn more about the Gehenna War, the Path to Enlightenment, and the motives of this dangerous group.

More of a power gamer than a lore keeper? This source book will also contain new Disciplines, Paths, and Powers to build your next bloodthirsty PC.

Still not enough? Then wait until you are able to uncover the dark ritual known as the Ritae of the Black Hand. This ritual is able to unlock dark secrets of this world at a terrible price. What are you willing to give in order to achieve this dark rite?

Sabbat: The Black Hand

Sabbat: The Black Hand comes out in August, 2021!

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