Lies and reality are not really that different… for you, at the very least. Welcome to the world of Stealing Stories for the Devil, a co-operative RPG all about pulling off the perfect heist.

In this sci-fi adventure, you play a master thief from the distant future. Because of your connection to the future, you are able to manipulate outcomes in the world, turning falsehoods into reality.

Take on the role of a Liar, a person who is able to create and change the world around them by creating falsehoods. Become one of three archetypes: a Plotter, someone who is able to manipulate and change the past; a Schemer, someone who is able to lie to people; or a Planner, someone who can change objects and places.

This game requires zero GM prep, relying on players to temporarily take over the mantle of storyteller throughout the game. When someone enacts a lie, putting it into the world, the player temporarily takes over the description and explanation of the story moving forward.

This game is being released in part with two other games: Who The Devil Are You, a one-shot version of Stealing Stories without the lying abilities; and The Devil’s Dandy Dogs, a rules light narrative card game about a pack of dogs trying to be good. This game is entirely independent of Stealing Stories.

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