Welcome to the dark side, adventurer. Get a taste of new religions in the Cults of the Blood Gods supplement books for Vampire: The Masquerade!

These supplements are here to help expand the lore around the World of Darkness. These lore changes are focused more specifically on Hecata and the Oblivion abilities, bringing a new dimension of darkness to the game. If you already have Cults of the Blood Gods, then these three supplements are a must have for your game.

Children of the Blood

Released: May 19th, 2021

Children of the Blood is all about expansion. It expands the lore and world of many of the dark cults around the world, introducing SPCs and antagonists. Introduce some mythic big baddies to your campaign to really invigorate the game.

To round out the book, you also have brand new lore sheets, playable characters, merits and flaws, and new bloodlines!

Make sure to pick up your copy here!

Cults of the Blood Gods

Trails of Ash and Bone

Released: June 23rd, 2021

Trails of Ash and Bone tells four different playable stories from across Europe. These four adventures are all about the nature of love, betrayal, . You do not need any prior explanations or lore knowledge to play – just jump right in with your next PC, and you’re off to the races.

This supplement also introduces brand new lore sheets, new Oblivion ceremonies, and some ready made playable characters!

Make sure to pick up your copy here!

Cults of the Blood Gods

Forbidden Faiths

Release Date: Unknown

The Forbidden Faiths supplement is a bit of a mystery – we are awaiting information about it. What we do know is that it is going to focus on the Nictuku cult, and some off-shoot sects of the Tremere and Ventrue clans. Power and influence is going to be the name of this game, baby.

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