It’s time to take to the open sea! The One Piece TCG is just over the horizon, and it’s time to choose which of the starter decks you will want to get your hands on.

Choose one of four starter decks, each with their own colour and abilities! Utilize all of your resources to pack a massive punch with a horde of creatures with The Straw Hat Crew deck; rest your opponents creatures and go heavy aggro with The Worst Generation deck; take control of the entire board and remove target creatures with ease with The Seven Warlords of the Seven Seas deck; or build your DON! to bring hell down on your enemies with the The Animal Kingdom Pirates deck!

Each main deck will also contain its own Leader card, allowing you to trigger special abilities throughout play. The Straw Hat Crew are led by Monkey.D.Luffy, who takes rested DON! cards to absorb into bigger attacks; The Worst Generation is helmed by Eustass”Captain”Kid, who allows you to Trash a card from hand to unrest him once per turn to perform multiple attacks; The Seven Warlords of the Seven Seas are led by Crocodile, who allows you to bounce cards from board to hand; and The Animal Kingdom Pirates are led by Kaido, who allows you to sacrifice DON! to immediately Trash one of your opponents’ life cards.

Each of these starter decks will include a fifty-one card main deck, ten DON! cards, and a player mat.

Still not exactly the deck you’re looking for? Then make sure to keep an eye out for Romance Dawn, the first booster set release coming out for One Piece TCG! It will be filled with Leaders, ability cards, and so much more for you to build around!

One Piece: Starter Decks come out on December 2nd, 2022!

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