From Flyos Games, the Montreal game studio that made Vampire: The Masquerade – CHAPTERS, comes Werewolf: The Apocalypse – RETALIATION! This cooperative dungeon crawler game has players dive into the heart of Yosemite to rid the world of vile monsters that hunger for destruction!

Start by building a character all your own. Use the character customization tokens to determine your Homid, Lupus, and Crinos forms and any benefits you gain. Then choose one of the eleven tribes that your character is from, such as The Shadow Lords, the Children of Gaia, or the Fianna!

Once your tribe is chosen, choose your auspice and supernatural gifts to unlock your Garou powers. Determine your back story, fill out your character sheet, and voila – you are ready to play!

Explore the wilds of Yosemite as you uncover mysteries and secret plots hiding among the trees. Face off against creatures alien and natural, each with their own abilities and dangers. Find NPCs and convince them to join your cause as you attempt to root out the corruption within the wilds for good.

Finding yourself in combat and unsure what to do? Chain your tribe abilities and transformations to perform staggering attacks! Transform between your Homid, Lupus, and Crinos forms and unlock the Rage within.

Protect your caern and take back Yosemite for Gaia!

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – RETALIATION comes out in April, 2024! Back up your copy here!

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