Lorcana is an upcoming TCG from Disney and Ravensburger! Build a deck with your favourite Disney characters, then go head to head against your friends as you race to gather Lore!

Each player builds a deck from six different Ink types: Amber, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Steel. Each Ink type includes special Characters and attributes that will help you build and develop your deck strategy:

  • Amber cards are focused on community, boosting your other Characters with special effects.
  • Amethyst cards are focused in magic, creating powerful activated effects.
  • Emerald cards are focused in versatility, allowing for troubleshooting options when things go wrong.
  • Ruby cards are focused in offensive strategies, triggering powerful attacks against your opponents Characters.
  • Sapphire cards are focused in strategy, giving you an edge against your opponent with unique player bonuses.
  • Steel cards are focused in defence, giving you strong Characters to hold back enemy attacks.

Create unique combinations of multiple different Ink colours and dominate your opponents!

Each turn, players can sacrifice cards in their hand in order to gain Magical Ink, which you can use to play other cards. The more Ink you have in your Inkwell, the more powerful cards you will be able to cast.

To win the game, a player must reach twenty points of Lore. You can obtain Lore by playing Character cards. You can also use Character cards to attack your opponents to stop them from gaining additional points. Use Item cards to give bonuses to your Characters, and play Action cards to gain instant effects to get an edge against your enemies.

Gather up your favourite characters, chain then together with unique items and powerful actions, then give it all you got!

Lorcana comes out in Fall, 2023!

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