Weirdwood Manor is a cooperative game where players will need to team up in order to defeat Fae monsters and clockwork creatures! Build up your character and investigate this mysterious, ever-changing Manor.

The Weirdwood Manor is an ancient house. Lorded over by the mysterious Lady Weirdwood, the Manor is the middle ground between the land of the Fae and the land of the Real. But something new has decided to take over the house for itself. Only with the help of you and your friends will you be able to save both realms from a dangerous monster, whether it be man or beast.

Each player chooses one of six different characters to play. Each character has their own unique ability cards and upgrades. Choose from the book smart Bailey Briar, the warrior Sekhmet Safar, the wizard Oliver Gryffon, the sorcerer Celia Mei, or the techie Eugene Donalds!

Once you have chosen your character, choose one of three different monsters to face off against – the massive Chaos Ogre, the elusive Min Wraith, or the cunning Therus, The Dark Mage. Each of these enemies have unique stats, abilities, and will add a wide variety of additional challenges to the game.

Once the game begins, players will take turns to play action cards, collect resources, create battle dice, use special abilities, and bring the fight to the monster! Use experience points to level up your character, then unleash your powerful abilities together to defeat this ancient evil once and for all.

Weirdwood Manor comes out in April, 2024! Back your copy here!

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