Dragontree Invasion is the newest booster set release coming to the Cardfight!! Vanguard TCG! Gain access to units and archetypes only seen in Cardfight Vanguard will+Dress Season 2, and collect special reprints to update your collection!

Get your hands on some new Ride Lines that will give you a powerful advantage on your upcoming competition. Based on some of the newest characters from Cardfight Vanguard will+Dress Season 2, utilize powerful abilities you have seen on screen in your next deck! Whether you want to channel the powers of Danji & “Diabolos, “Viamance” Bruce”, Sophie Belle & “Almajestar, Astroea=Unica”, or Sam & “Blue Deathster, “Skyrender” Avantgarda”, you will have some powerful cards to help destroy your opponents units!

But new cards aren’t the only unique additions on the table. Five popular cards from the Awakening of Chakrabarthi booster set are getting some big upgrades! Get your hands on Trickmoon, Brainwash Swirler, Cardinal Draco, Masurea, Heavenly Pike of Solicitation, Cornvoc, and Blue Artillery Dragon, Inlet Pulse Dragon in their new RRR treatments! Make sure to also check out the additional five powerful cards getting a special reprint, including Stealth Dragon, Togachirashi and Diabolos Madonna, Meagan!

Dragontree Invasion comes out on March 31st, 2023!

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