If you have ever gotten tired of your favourite trading card game, you can feel a little lost. Perhaps you want to change things up a bit, or a specific mechanic has really gotten on your nerves. What is left to do? Where are you to go?

Have no fear – we have four alternative TCGs you may not have heard about elsewhere. If you love the games below, make sure to check out the related card game!

(*Note: This list is reversible – if your favourite TCG is the suggested option, then check out the first option!)

Do You Love Magic: The Gathering?

Suggestion: Force of Will

Force of Will is what you get if you mix Standard and Commander without the possibility of mana blocks. Each deck has their own Ruler/J-Ruler that players can cast to the battlefield with the right amount of mana and conditions. Each turn, a player draws a card from their main deck and from their mana deck. No longer are you left feeling that you have been cursed by the Trading Card Gods for not being able to do anything with your cards!

While some feel that Force of Will has passed its prime, the game is still alive and kicking. New sets are always on the horizon with brand new cards, mechanics, and everything in-between.

Do You Love Yu-Gi-Oh?

Suggestion: GATE RULER

Speed and brutality are the name of this game. GATE RULER is a TCG all about taking out your opponents with incredible speed and powerful combos. Developed by game designer Yoshimasa Ikeda, the mind behind Future Card Buddyfight, GATE RULER is a game that requires you to strategize on-the-fly and burn through your deck while doing so.

Like Yu-Gi-Oh, GATE RULER is a heavy combo building game. Each deck has their own special combo pieces and heavy hitters. Chain these combos in order to remove creatures from the board, negate damage, and attack your opponent’s life points directly. For an added twist, there are multiple kinds of Rulers that you can build your deck around, each either their own summon and play abilities. There is limited space on the board for both creatures and trap cards, so make sure you are using your hand to your greatest advantage!

Do You Love Pokemon?

Suggestion: Flesh & Blood

1v1 is the name of the game here. Instead of a board filled with creatures, you have solo fighters locked in combat. While Pokemon has your creatures only knocked out for the fight, Flesh & Blood is not so kind. This is a fight to the death.

Flesh & Blood is a solo fighter game where you build up your fighters’ armor, weapons, and abilities throughout the combat. Each player turn involves drawing cards, taking to combat to attack or block your opponent, and triggering special abilities through the combat chain. There are a lot of floating values in this game, so make sure to keep track of all of your items. However, once you have properly catalogued your items and abilities, there is nothing sweeter than seeing a perfect attack chain go off.

Do You Love Cardfight!! Vanguard?

Suggestion: Digimon

Levelling up your creatures into more powerful abilities each turn comes a deep satisfaction. While there are a lot rules and floating modifiers to focus on in Cardfight!! Vanguard, sometimes you might want something a little more ‘tame’ to relax after a game.

Enter Digimon!

Digimon is all about digi-volving and swinging at your opponents. Build your board with monsters as you slowly digi-volve your digi-egg into a powerful Digimon creature to summon to the field. Every time you digi-volve, your creatures will gain a boost to their power, abilities, or other bonuses for your side of the field. Once you digi-volve up to your most powerful monster, you will be able to sweep your opponents board with vicious attacks!

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