Agent of the Fates

Now this is a Heroic ability that I can really get behind.  Very good stats as well for the cost.

Fabled Hero

With every trigger of Heroic essentially equating to a +2/+2 he should definitely see some kind of standard play.  It’s also pretty cool how he becomes a one shot kill with Enlarge into an empty board.

Nessian Courser

Pretty standard vanilla 3/3.

Ordeal of ErebosOrdeal of HeliodOrdeal of NyleaOrdeal of PurphorosOrdeal of Thassa

All five of the Ordeals look to have good effect.  I could see the red playing a role in aggressive Boros/RDW style decks for extra reach.  All should be midround draftable.

Prognostic Sphinx

Not a terrible flying body with the ability to protect itself on a whim.  Scry 3 is certainly nothing to laugh at but not overly impressive as a total package.

Soldier of the Pantheon

As a one-drop with 2 power I don’t doubt it has a chance to see play in White Weenie decks.  The protection can be very relevant in the proper circumstances and life gain is always a bonus extra.

Demonheart Chimera

Flying, trample

Demonheart Chimera’s power is equal to the number of instant and sorcery cards in your graveyard

Swan Song

Counter target enchantment, instant or sorcery spell. Its controller puts a 2/2 blue Bird creature token with flying onto the battlefield under his control.