Dread domains get a bad rep. Everyone’s been to Ravenloft and thinks all of them are just vampire aristocracy and heartbreak. But there is more out there. There is a land of horror and pain for every player, you just got to find the right one.

So, for your traveling pleasure, check out some of these unexpected domains that just might tickle your fancy.

Cyre 1313

You may know the name Cyre as a region in Eberron that was destroyed by an event known as the Mourning. The mysterious tragedy killed everyone in the area, leeching into the nearby terrain. However, not everyone died – or so they think.

One lightning rail holding a collection of passengers still exists out in the Mists. This lightning rail was consumed by the Mists just before the Mourning destroyed the land. The passengers within do not know how they got into the Mists, or where they’re going, but there is only one thing they know for certain – their alive.

But are they?


Make sure you bring Brenden Frasier along with you on this one, because mummies are everywhere. Har’Akir is a domain of endless desert, filled with undead and riches. Those who live here are under the thumb of the pharaoh Ankhtepot, who forces people to search for the hidden treasures littering Har’Akir. Those who disobey are damned by the strict gods of the pantheon that only Ankhtepot can speak to.

Out in the endless wastes, there is one treasure waiting – greater than any gift possible. And Ankhtepot will stop at nothing to get it. There is only one question to be asked – who is going to get it first?


It is time for revolution! End to the big fleshlings!

For the town of Odaire, there are no more adults. They were murdered by the puppet Figilo after being brought to life by his father Guiseppe. The adults of Odaire questioned if Figilo was really alive or just an elaborate toy, so they kept their children away. Now only children reign supreme, looking to their leader Figilo (now taking the name Maligno) to bring them to a bright future.

God, Pinocchio got dark.


If you happen to run a Strahd game, I suggest that this plane is somewhere close by. This small plane is a music hall inhabited by a former king named Doerdon. Doerdon made laughter forbidden, killing anyone who disobeyed him. Once he was pulled into the Mists, he now has a new purpose – whenever he has guests, he is forced to entertain others. But, Doerdon is not alone. He has a puppet who looks like Strahd von Zarovich, who shouts and cries that he is the real Strahd.

Fun, huh?


If you are looking for a night of theatre, then we have you covered.

Once a moderately successful playwright, Lemont Sediam Juste rose to fame for his horrifying productions, filled with revenge and blood. However, when Lemont premiered a show that was less than bloody, the audience became bored and dissatisfied. Now, Lemont writes a new show every night, forced to write bloody shows that he no longer has interest in just to feed the audience’s bloodlust.

Vhage Agency

Vhage Agency is very small domain located here and there. This black and white tinted domain is the home of Flimira “Flintlock” Vhage, the detective in charge of the agency. If your party encounters this dread domain, they may be sent on a series of mysteries by Flimira, Brooklyn-accent and all.

The only trouble is that she is the cause of every one of her cases. Once a reknowned detective, Flimira is now a low-cut criminal, but will never admit to it. Will your adventurers catch her? Or will she get away, waiting to strike again?

This list is only a taste of numerous other options. You can learn all about the other domain options in Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft!

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